Gallery of my turned items. Click on the thumbnails below to view them enlarged


A 22 cm high poplar vase with a fairy design burnt in using pyrography.

Two very different designs of vases from two halves of the same log of poplar wood. This one has a narrow mouth opening through a mahogany piece.

This is the second vase from the log described above. The bark ingrowths imparted an interesting and unique character to the walls of the vase.

A small vase with flared lip design from spalted maple.


A 23 cm tall vase from spalted maple.

A segmented vase 22 cm high and 15 cm across, using ash, mahogany and ebony pieces. A total of 205 pieces have been used in the construction.

A flask shaped vase 20 cm high and 8 cm thick. Mostly out of mahogany, the sides are from sycamore that has been textured with polished ebony centres.

A narrow mouth vase turned from the crotch of a tree trunk.

Designed in the shape of a quiver, a thin walled poplar vase 15 cm high and 8 cm at the rim. The line has been burnt in while still on the lathe before finishing off.

A vase in laburnum 20 cm high, showing a lovely contrast between the lighter sap wood and darker heart wood.

A narrow opening yew vase with ebony top, 20 cm high and 25 mm orifice.

A laburnum vase 12 cm high by 8 cm in pitcher design. Lacquer spray finish.

Love goblet made from yew. The three rings are carved out while turning from the stem region and cannot come off. They represent engagement, wedding and eternity.

An example of involuted or inside-out turning. Candle stand 15 cm high in mahogany.

A vase with brilliant grain patterns from a slightly aged piece of poplar wood.

A poplar vase with an open mouth design.


A vase in yew with decorative grooves below neck, 19 cm high and 12 cm across at the widest diameter.