Gallery of my turned items. Click on the thumbnails below to view them enlarged

A sycamore bowl thinned down to 2.5 mm with free-hand, piercing design in three alternate segments. 20 cm in diameter, 4 cm high and finished with lacquer.

A three-lipped bowl from pao-amarelo to give an illusion of a stack of bowls. 15 cm in diameter and finished with lacquer.

A bowl made from zebrano wood, finished with food safe oil. 15 cm in across and 5 cm high.

Laburnum natural edge bowl 10 cm long, 7 cm wide. Also known as winged bowl or butterfly bowl.

Poplar bowl 20 cm across and 8 cm high with pyrography decorations on the bowl edge.

Spalted beach bowl in Japanese style 14 cm across and 7 cm high.

A diamond shaped platter with a bowl centre made from yew. 26 cm long, 18 cm across and 5 cm high with the central bowl 12 cm across.

A flat rimmed rippled sycamore bowl with a round base, 17cm across and 14 cm high. The rim is decorated with a continuous leaf pattern in pyrography.

A wide rimmed bowl made from spalted beach 15 cm across and 14 cm high.

A natural edge cherry bowl 13cm across at the widest and 8cm high.

A thin bowl in bocote 15 cm across and 7 cm high.

A box 10 cm across and 6 cm high from spalted beach and ebony knob. The lid surface has been textured.

A box made from poplar with mahogany lid and ebony finial. 12 cm high and 8 cm diameter.

A miniature box turned from tagua nut, also called vegetable ivory. The finial lid is from ebony, overall dimensions 6 cm high and 4 cm diameter at the widest.

A finial lidded box from laburnum 11 cm high and 6 cm diameter.

A 15 cm by 7 cm box in cocobolo with an invisible lid-line design.

A spalted beech bowl with food safe finish inside and lacquer outside. 15 cm across by 7 cm high.

A serving bowl designed specifically for doritos with salsa dip. In beech, 22 cm across and 7 cm high, the central bowl area is 10 cm across and 4 cm deep. Food safe finish inside and black acrylic outside.

A platter in ash with ink-stained rim 28 cm across and 18 cm central area. Rim has been lacquered while the central area is finished with wax.

A wide rimmed bowl from spalted ash. 10 cm high and 15 cm across at the widest diameter.

A square edged padauk bowl with acrylic lacquer finish, 7.5 cm high and 15 cm long sides.

A bowl in sycamore, stained mahogany and finished off with a lacquer coat. 8 cm high and 15 cm across.

An acacia cookie jar 13 cm high and 13 cm across without the lid, which itself is made of mahogany and ebony.

A spalted cherry box form with an ebony finial. 14 cm across and 16 cm high with the finial.

A ginger box in horse chestnut wood.

A large bowl turned from spalted birch.

A set of egg cups turned out of zebrano wood and coated with waterproof food safe oil varnish.